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[A beatiful graphic design of a 'Flower Girl' in 'light and darkness 2' colors, on a water with light reflection effects backgound, makes this round GLASS CUTTING BOARD in textured tempered glass a gracious adding to any kitchen decor - (size is 7.75" diameter x 0.196”) - this cutting board comes in different color variations in our product catalogue.] - RG Hamiltons Artquest

CUTTING BOARD - GLASS - ROUND - Flower Girl - light & darkness 2

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GLASS CUTTING BOARDS - tempered glass - round 7.75” diameter x 0.188” thickness

Flower Girl - light & darkness 2 

Glass cutting boards are a nice decorative adding to your kitchenware. By buying this product, we hope that you will enjoy its beauty and easy maintenance. As a matter of facts, this cutting board is:

  • Made of heat resistant tempered glass;
  • Dishwasher safe, however, we recommend hand washing for extending its maximum life;
  • Can be used for slicing, dicing, and mincing without tear; However, the picture is sublimated on the back, so it will not be scratched by the knifes that you use;
  • Less prone to germs like wooden or plastic cutting boards;
  • It has rubber feet to avoid sliding on or scratching your countertop or table surfaces;
  • It is recommended to wash the cutting board with soap before using it;
  • It has rounded edges to avoid injuries.

For a more personalized gift to one of your loved ones you can also order a glass cutting board with your own design, picture or artwork by sending your request by email to Contact@RGHamiltonsArtquest.com. We will let you know what we need from you and the final prize of the customized product.

Dimensions: Round: 7.75” diameter x 0.188” thickness

Designed and printed in the USA by RG Hamiltons Artquest ©

The color of the printed product may vary slightly from the screen as it depends on the resolution of your screen. The finished product has more vibrant colors than you may perceive on the picture of it.